A man of many parts

Dr. Olapade Agoro worked for four and a half years with the then Western State Govt of Nigeria and came tops in the workshop conducted by one Mr. Stephens for the World Bank.

He rose to the top of his career first as Progress Officer Ministry of Works & Transport, Central Mechanical Workshop, Eleiyele, Ibadan.

He was then posted in 1971 by Engr. Walkley, Chief Mechanical Engineer (a Briton), to head the Vehicle Inspection Division, Akure, Ondo Province, the then largest Province in Nigeria.

It was at Akure that he worked out and experimented first with the idea of Road Safety campaign.

In July 1973, he resigned and voluntarily left the Govt service. In the same year, he started his own company ROAAG Company Nig. Ltd.

He is currently the Publisher of of “People’s journal International Magazine”, “PJ news” and has so far authored and published 18 books; the latest in the book shelve being “My Prison Experience – Narratives of police Brutality, Rights Abuse and Judgment Fixing”.

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